Wind'll change everything

The era of carbon-free energy begins with ENERGY 2020

The building, which can produce electricity in the amount of 200-300% of its own needs

It is important to use wind energy

More than 70% of electricity generation comes from non-renewable energy sources, such as coal and gas. According to the UN until 2025, humanity will need twice as much electricity

of hydrocarbon
power industry:

  • environmental pollution
  • resource depletion
  • complexity of fuel production, delivery, storage and use

of Wind Energy:

  • environmentally friendly
  • renewable
  • possibility of widespread use.

Technology and innovations


  • innovation

    The air flow concentration increases its power

  • innovation

    The air flow direction to the generator blades along the tangential line to the circumference of rotation optimizes the torque of the generating module

  • innovation

    Modular placement of several generators at different heights allows efficient use of wind speed at different heights and adjust the power of the electrical installation

  • innovation

    Protection of non-operating blades from the air stream incident increases efficiency and reduces noise to normal levels.

  • innovation

    Relatively low material consumption (mass) compared with classical wind turbines with increasing the specific power

Working principle


The structures concentrate the flow and are the supporting part of the wind plant.

Aerodynamic shields regulate the air flow direction.

The power-generating modules are placed on the static axis.

The blades take wind energy and provide rotation of the power-generating modules.

The lower platform is the foundation of a complex structure and ensures its stability.

Application possibilities

Wind power plants can be combined into a single complex and serve different purposes.


Living spaces


Retail and entertaining venues


Data centres


Production equipment


Garages and parking lots


Administrative facilities


Office premises


Hydroponics farms

Visualization of the application on the ground

Wind is everywhere

Accommodation is possible anywhere in the world

Comparison with propeller wind turbines:

Nowadays, the wind turbines with horizontal axis of rotation are mainly used to convert wind current to electric power. They are employed in large wind farm systems. Despite such widespread application, the classic propeller wind turbines have substantial defects that are to be eliminated in new version of «Wind- driven power station».

Comparison with implemented analogues of the technology

An innovation for the project „Wind-driven power station“ is likely both to satisfy in-house power needs and be the power source for other consumers, who don’t form part of the facility that generates electricity.

0 Wind speed 12

Bahrain World Trade Center

Sustainment 3%

0 Wind speed 12

Pearl River Tower

Sustainment 10%

0 Wind speed 12


Sustainment 200%


Mechanics, air mechanics, construction and architecture experts are deeply interested in this technological innovation for electric-power generation, along with the complex building construction and indicate the criteria and prospects of „Wind- driven power station“ project implementation, as well as its use potential.

Denis photo

Author of the technology

Denis Tiaglin

  • The initiator of technological solutions for the cardinal structure of the urban environment.
  • Holder of 6 patents.
  • The holder of the patent for the invention, which was included in the list of 100 best inventions of Russia and the innovative album of the RAACS (Russian Academy of Architecture and Construction Sciences).

Technology is protected

The invention "Wind Power Station has a patent that provides state protection of the results of intellectual activities. The patent claim has priority from the moment of official registration of the request in Rospatent and cannot be duplicated or used by other persons.

Work is underway to register the rights to the invention in other countries.

  • patent
  • patent
  • patent
  • patent

Crowdinvesting venture project

To implement the project, JSC Energy 2020 was created with an authorized capital of 31'451'000 rubles, which has license rights to use the invention.

The demand for the product will ensure the company's attractiveness, and the value of the company will be measured in billions.

The aim of the company

Convince the developers of the world of the need to build not just buildings, but energy-efficient buildings by the end of 2022-2023.

The increase in the company's assets is planned due to:

  • profit from the creation of the Basic Engineering Design Package at customer's request
  • engineering investigations and design
  • granting the rights to use the invention "Wind Power Station"

At the moment you still have the opportunity to become a co-owner of the company

How to become a co-owner?

Register on the website to enter your personal account

Choose a block of shares and pay in any convenient way

Complete the procedure for registration of rights to shares in VTB Registrar

By investing now you have the opportunity to:

  • Have a lifetime dividends. Have dividends from the design of Wind Power Stations and granting the right to use the invention.
  • To become a co-owner of products that are necessary for all countries. By purchasing shares of the company, you become a co-owner of an innovative company with huge growth potential.
  • Receive income with a small investment. Now you buy company shares with a significant discount. After the product enters the world market, the value of your shares will increase significantly.
  • Participate in changing the world. Together with the developers of innovative technology you are involved in creating a product of the future that will benefit many millions of people and the ecology of the planet.
  • Become a FRANCHISEE of ENERGY 2020

It is more profitable to invest during the Startup period

On November 11, 2018, the first stage of development of JSC ENERGY 2020 started. At this stage, you can purchase shares at a DISCOUNT of 1:50 1:100 by 2022-2023

It is possible to purchase shares by registering in your personal account.

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Project Roadmap

First period


Engineering survey and modelling

Second period


Development of the optimal model and basic design documentation

Third period


Development of solutions for the optimal model and creation of basic design documentation

Period Four


Production of project documentation according to the customer’s request and its implementation in products by manufacturers.


Project news


JSC ENERGY 2020 at the RENWEX 2019

JSC ENERGY 2020 represented by its representative and holder of exclusive rights to the invention “Wind power station” - Tiaglin D.V. took part in the exhibition RENWEX 2019, which was held from 18 to 20 June 2019 in Moscow. At the event, the invention “Wind power station” was presented.
The participants and visitors of the exhibition could familiarize themselves with the materials on the invention and the macket design of the “Wind power station”.
The materials revealed the technological and operational advantages of a power generation solution in a complex construction with a structure (building) having a dual purpose. This allows you to position Wind power plant as a useful, promising, combined and technical solution. The exhibition held a dialogue with Russian experts in the field of alternative energy. Participation was taken in the forum “Renewable energy sources” and received an invitation to publications in journals. Using the experience gained at various Russian exhibitions, the company began preparing for exhibitions abroad.

JSC ENERGY 2020 at the RENWEX 2019


JSC ENERGY 2020 represented by its representative and holder of exclusive rights to the invention “Wind power station” - Tiaglin D.V. took part in the exhibition RENWEX 2019, which was held from 18 to 20 June 2019 in Moscow. At the event, the invention “Wind power station” was presented.
The participants and visitors of the exhibition could familiarize themselves with the materials on the invention and the macket design of the “Wind power station”.
The materials revealed the technological and operational advantages of a power generation solution in a complex construction...


JSC ENERGY 2020 plans to participate in the exhibition RENWEX 2019, held by the Expocentre in Moscow

JSC ENERGY 2020 plans to participate in the exhibition RENWEX 2019, held by the Expocentre in Moscow on the territory of the Central Exhibition Complex from 18 to 20 June 2019. At the exhibition, the company will present the project under development. Wind Power Plant to familiarize exhibitors and visitors with innovative technical solutions power generation, project presentation, creating conditions for the establishment of partnerships on the promotion of the project and the conclusion of business contracts. The exhibition is supported by the European Renewable Energy Association (EUROSOLAR) and under the patronage of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Russia (Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Russian Federation). JSC Expocentre ( - organizer of the largest international exhibitions in Russia, the CIS and Eastern Europe. During its almost 60-year history, the company held more than 6 thousand exhibitions. Exhibitions Expocentre provide access to market participants to advanced technologies and equipment, creating a highly efficient communication platform for discussion and addressing current issues of the industry in the dialogue of business, government and society. Exhibition Forums provide an opportunity for meetings of leaders of production, trade and science from more than 100 countries of the world.

JSC ENERGY 2020 plans to participate in the exhibition RENWEX 2019, held by the Expocentre in Moscow


JSC ENERGY 2020 plans to participate in the exhibition RENWEX 2019, held by the Expocentre in Moscow...


Assessment of the Wind Power Station by the scientific community

The project "Wind Power Station" as a complex architectural, construction and energy solution was considered in 2018 by the Russian Academy of Architecture and Construction Sciences (RAACS) - the highest scientific organization of the country in the field of architecture, urban planning and construction Sciences. After considering the Wind Power Station by the RAACS, it was decided to include a complex wind power construction in the album "Innovative proposals of the Russian Academy of Architecture and Construction Sciences" for 2018 (album - Issue 2018.1, under the name "Building that can provide itself with electricity in the amount of 200-300% without external sources" with a brief descriptive and analytical material on the design and projections for complex technological solution.

When considering the Wind Power Station the RAACS took into account:
- prospects of use of the complex technical solution in the improvement of the environment of human and society activities;
-environmental quality
- features of the construction of similar constructions, contributing to the creation of new technologies and their practical -application;
- possibility of formation of new artistic and aesthetic values of the spatial environment.

The proposal of the RAACS determines the presence of interest in a complex technological solution from the scientific community and the possibility of widespread use of Wind Power Station in urban planning. For this reason, it has been decided to increase the value of the Issuer's shares by 6 % until April 30, 2019.

Assessment of the Wind Power Station by the scientific community


The project "Wind Power Station" as a complex architectural, construction and energy solution was considered in 2018 by the Russian Academy of Architecture and Construction Sciences (RAACS) - the highest scientific organization of the country in the field of architecture...


JSC "ENERGY 2020" took part in the First thematic exhibition "Day of innovations of Airborne troops»

From 11 to 13 April 2019 on the territory of the Airborne Troops History Museum in Ryazan was held the First thematic exhibition "Day of innovations of Airborne troops", which was attended by officials of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation and representatives of the Federal service of the Russian Federation for Intellectual Property. 67 specialized and related industrial enterprises, educational organizations and research units in the main areas of research for the Armed Forces presented their own promising and scientific developments at the event.

The exhibition was attended by JSC "ENERGY 2020", which presented the project "Wind Power Station". The participants of the exhibition and its organizers showed interest in the information and thematic materials and the intended mock-up of the Wind Power Station.Taking into account the possibility of autonomous and integrated use of the wind power station design, the use of the invention in isolated areas from the centralized power supply and the Arctic zone, where there are prospects for the deployment of troops and bases, can be considered. Sustainment, relative compactness of placement and flexibility of use of the technological solution were noted by the participants of the exhibition, which determines the prospect of the wide use of the Wind Power Station.

Acting Chief of Staff of the Airborne Forces, Major-General Alexey Naumets, in an interview with journalists, noted that the main task of the exhibition is to get acquainted with the latest technologies that can be used in the military today, to assess their capabilities in order to accomplish the tasks and save the lives of military man.The best projects presented at the exhibition will be selected to participate in further work and recommended for implementation in the interests of the Russian Armed Forces

JSC "ENERGY 2020" took part in the First thematic exhibition "Day of innovations of Airborne troops»


From 11 to 13 April 2019 on the territory of the Airborne Troops History Museum in Ryazan was held the First thematic exhibition "Day of innovations of Airborne troops", which was attended by officials of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation...


Still have questions – ask them at the weekly video conference


  • How can Europeans invest, when there are only Russian accounts and our cards are not accepted? Consider the income in ADVCASH or BTC and you will have a lot more investors.

  • Denis, with all due respect, we need more specifity. How much money should be collected at this stage? What is planned to be implemented and by what time?! When will the payment of dividends and their planned volume start? Did you do market research, worked out development strategies or not?

  • Is it a pyramid scheme?

    Through the site you are invited at the start of the development of the company and the project, when there is the greatest risk of the whole enterprise, to invest money with the highest discount in the shares of the Issuer, the value of which is projected to a significant increase in the future.Taking into account the size of the investment, you acquire a certain stake in the company, which gives the right to participate in the management of the company and receive part of the profit from its activities. Venture crowdfunding investment appears to be the best way to attract funds to achieve the goals of a large-scale project.

  • What is the peculiarity of these shares?

    There are no peculiarities in the company's shares. The peculiarity lies only in the presence of the company's startup And the use of its patented technical solution, which has innovative features applicable to industrial production and use.The initial stage of development of the project and the company determines the attraction of venture investments through the sale of the company's shares by pre-payment.At the same time, the share price is significantly less than the projected in the medium-and long-term prospects of the project development. In the future, the owners ' rights to the issue securities of the uncertificated form of issue will be confirmed by the records on the personal accounts of the registry holder - VTB Registrar. Your personal accounts with the registry holder will be opened after drawing up contracts for the sale of shares and sending them to the Registrar.

  • What happens if no one wants to build this house?

    In the world there are already constructions and wind power stations with the combined design though having essential distinctions with the patented Wind Power Station. The creation of such a construction is not a question of want, but an issue of the critical need to obtain additional sources of electricity without the use of hydrocarbon resources and adverse effects on the environment. We do not consider the exclusive involvement of the State in the creation and use of this Wind Power Station. Positive economic and social impact will be the main argument in support of the project, which in development should receive the support of stakeholders and a wide range of investors. The result of the use of this Wind Power Station is able to ensure its widespread use and the development of technological improvement.

  • Is it possible to register without a referral link?

    Without a referral link, creating a personal account is impossible, as it contradicts the idea of building the entire investment program of the project.

  • When will you enter the IPO (Initial Public Offering)?

  • Exactly how many shares were issued?

  • How will the company's profit be formed by 2022, if everything goes according to plan?

  • What is the money collected for?

  • What is the scope of this project?

  • Will new projects be added to this company?

  • How to sell purchased shares?

    The Federal law NO. 208-FZ of December 26, 1995 "On joint-stock companies" and the Federal law NO. 39-FZ of April 22, 1996 "On the securities market" provide for a procedure for registering rights to securities and a procedure for conducting transactions with them. First, it is necessary to confirm rights to non-documentary securities (shares) with the records of the registry holder (VTB Registrar). The owners' rights to the issued securities of the non-documentary form are certified by records on personal accounts at the Registrar.A public company may place shares and issue securities convertible into its shares by means of a public offering. Shares of a non-public company and issue securities convertible into its shares may not be placed through a public offer or otherwise offered for purchase to an unlimited number of persons. For a non-public company, a pre-emptive right is provided for its shareholders to acquire shares alienated by other shareholders on reimbursable transactions at the offer price to a third party or at a price that or the procedure for determining which is established by the Charter of the company. For a non-public company, a preemptive right is provided for its shareholders to acquire shares alienated on reimbursable transactions by other shareholders, at the price of the offer to a third party or at a price that (or the procedure for determining which) is established by the company's Charter. Thus, after registering your rights to shares, you can offer a deal on shares only to shareholders and the company, and after acquiring the status of a public company, you can freely sell them, including through an organized sale - exchange.

  • When will I receive dividends?

    The company shareholders are entitled to part of the profits. The company must develop and therefore it is subject to review in a few years, when the profit from its commercial activities will be received, that is, there will be an increase in the company's assets.The amount of dividends is recommended by the Board of Directors (Supervisory Board) and determined by the General meeting of shareholders. The procedure for payment of dividends by the company is reflected in Chapter V of the Federal law NO. 208-FZ of december 26, 1995 on joint-stock companies.

  • Is it possible to buy shares for cryptocurrency?

  • Will there be public reporting on the number of shares already sold?

  • How will the reporting on the project be carried out?

  • How will dividend payments be formed?

  • Isn't it more profitable to invest in another project?

    The investor always has a choice through which tools he hopes to increase his investments. Any investment has risks based on market conditions, depending on political, economic and social factors. The proposed investment program for the project at the initial stage provides for a relatively small investment of funds by each of the participants, which together will ensure the start of the project, and in terms of content meets the challenges of today and has the prospect of demand. As the project progresses, the value of shares will increase and now the remuneration of participants of the investment program is still being implemented. The choice is yours.

  • What is your marketing plan?

  • When do you plan to sell shares to large investors?

  • When will I receive dividends?

  • I bought shares. When will I make a profit?

  • Why is it profitable to invest right now?

    At the initial stage of attracting investments, when the risk is maximum, the proposed value of shares is close to the lowest value.As the company develops and the project moves forward, it is predicted to receive significant profits and market valuation of the company, which will lead to an increase in the value of shares and the possibility of profit distribution between shareholders.

  • Will this company be complemented by new projects?

    The company was established to implement the project "Wind Power Station". A patent for the invention was obtained in Russia. The project can be supplemented with similar patented utility models and even an invention, which in terms of features will be consistent with this invention "Wind Power Station".

  • Will it be possible to buy shares from other countries?

  • How often or in what time frame will the share price increase? Will we know about this in advance?

  • An apartment building around the power plant!? What about electromagnetic radiation? For industries-may be. Sounds interesting!!!

  • Got a working prototype?

  • Turbine inside the house? Need sound insulation, as in the plane, then maybe.

  • Will build a technoark or a separate building for the company?

  • Where do you plan to build a generator?

  • What will be the height of the building?

    Due to the lack of implementation of such complex technical solutions in the real sector, the answer can not yet be given in concrete numbers. In addition, there is no basic design documentation of the Wind Power Station, which should be prepared within a few years. The height of the building will depend on a number of indicators for engineering surveys, the function of constructions (buildings), the calculation of wind load, the total power generated, etc., the terms and requirements of the customer (manufacturer) will be the determining factor.The height of the construction as well as the entire installation, can vary from several tens to several hundred meters, which makes it a universal type of construction of combined use.

  • What will be the size of the mockup and where will be tested?

    The model has already been created, although its aerodynamic modeling will be continued. Part of the aerodynamic tests on it was carried out in the laboratory at the Aircraft Faculty of the Novosibirsk State Technical University (NSTU). The program calculation of the medium flow to the rotation circle of the blade system of the Wind Power Station was carried out. The creation of a commercial prototype with a probable combination of it with an architectural and construction solution-a building, refers to the design stage of a Wind Power Station. The projected test time refers to the first quarter of 2020 on the created test site. The sample will be scaled for easy installation and relocation. At present, we can not provide information about the size of the Wind Power Station prototype and the place of the series of tests.

  • How many specialists do you need for testing and calculations?

    This is a difficult issue at the initial stage of the project development. In the near future, the company plans to attract more than a dozen specialists, engineers and technical staff. We will definitely need cooperation with research and production institutions and institutes for the production of engineering surveys, calculations and consultations. After 2020, it is planned to create a Scientific and Analytical Department of the company, a marketing group, a Design Bureau (Department), a testing and production base of the company with a total number of 20-40 specialists.

  • What does a house that provides itself with electricity look like ?

    The concept of "house" is not applicable here, because it does not reflect the content of a complex structure. The main constructive elements of the Wind Power Station perform several functions. Constructions (buildings), which have a different purpose: enhance and concentrate the air flow, form a rigid and stable frame of the Wind Power Station which is located inside the circle formed by constructions (buildings). They can be used as buildings with accommodation of residential, non-residential premises, as well as have technical and other auxiliary purposes. Architectural forms of constructons will be determined by the specific tasks for which they will be intended, and the technical conditions (indicators) of the Wind Power Station, taking into account the location.

  • What are the analogues of wind turbines?

    Analogues of a vertical-axis wind turbines have practical application. So, vertical-axis wind turbines are used in the skyscraper "Pearl River Tower" in Guangzhou, where a special form of the building redirects the wind into four holes on the technical floors of the building, and the technical holes enhance the air flow and direct it to a series of turbines with a vertical axis of rotation, which produce electrical energy for offices located in the building. Actively used in Kazakhstan "Windrotor Bolotov", created by the author team. In this construction the vertical-axis wind turbine (WRTB) has a fixed guiding device and a rotating rotor inside it, forming a "module" of the turbine. The rotor shaft is directly connected to the electric generator. This wind turbine has the following advantages: - develops power independent of the wind direction; able to work on low-speed winds, strong, hurricane and gusty with rapidly changing parameters; it is possible to manufacture such turbines with a capacity from a few watts to hundreds of kilowatts;modular design principle allows, if necessary, change the power of wind turbines;- the generator is connected directly to the rotor without a gearbox; - the power station is safe, located in close proximity to the consumer, which eliminates the need for the construction of expensive power lines and transformer substations; - a smaller area (compared to propeller WEA) is required to accommodate multi-unit wind power stations.Currently, WRTB (wіnd rоtоr turbine Bolotov) is actively used in Kazakhstan in combination with solar modules (capacity within 10 kW each). More than 50 Bolotov wind farms are already operating in Kazakhstan.They are located in different climatic zones of the Republic and demonstrate all possible options for converting any wind load into energy. Several Bolotov wind turbines operate in Russia, and also there are applications for their installation in Africa, Asia and Europe.The successful use of WTRB is indicated by excellent characteristics and expert reviews. More information on WTRB can be found in the article: The complex power system "Wind Rotor Turbine of Bolotov". Autonomous power supply of remote objects from inexhaustible energy sources wind+sun-

  • How is it planned to transfer electricity from the blades?

  • Will the building shape change?

  • What are the analogues of wind-turbines?

  • What's the purpose of this building?

  • What will be the height of the buildings?

  • If you have a patent - give a link to see?

  • What are the guarantees that you will bring the project to fruition?

    Currently, at the start of the development of the company and the project "Wind Power Station", it is quite difficult to answer your question. From the pragmatist standpoint you ask to predict the unpredictable. After all, for the successful development of the company and the project requires long periods of growth and ensuring for this positive cash flow, which is influenced by external factors. Now we can say that the following was done to implement the project: a joint-stock company was formed with the initial placement of a large package of shares, the design of the Internet resource (website) continues, which ensures the popularization of the project and venture investment, the process of selection of specialists of the company was started, the search for project partners is underway, work on the formation of the company's assets and the development of investments. The project team and the founders of the company, taking into account the prospects of the invention and its industrial applicability, take action to ensure the development of the project.

  • According to the law of the Russian Federation, it is forbidden to install powerful electric generators in houses, how are you going to do it and legalize?

  • Where and how will the ownership of shares of existing investors be recorded?

  • Will the transfer of shares by inheritance be specified in the contract?

  • Do these shares have a certificate?

  • How secure is this project?

    More precisely, the question should be raised about the protection of the result of intellectual activity, what is the invention of "Wind Power Station". During the state registration of this invention, a global patent search was conducted, as a result of which no analogues were found that contain all the features of this invention.In this regard, it was decided to grant a patent for the invention, taking into account both the innovative technical solution and its industrial applicability (a copy of the patent is available on the website in the project section).Since 2017, the right of priority of this invention (official publication) is valid, which creates an obstacle to the submission of other applications with a similar technical solution. Russia ratified: “World Intellectual Property Declaration,” June 26, 2000, Paris Convention for the Protection of Industrial Property, The Patent Law Treaty (PLT), The Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT), the Eurasian Patent Convention (EAPC), which governs and protects patent rights. Now the question of further obtaining the international patent for the Wind Power Station for the purpose of its use outside Russia is considered.

  • What if you don't succeed?

    Members of the project team believe in the implementation of the project and the achievement of commercial outcomes on it. The technical solution "Wind Power Station protected by a patent, has a perspective in the development, creation and use.The market of wind power plants (WPP) is constantly expanding, new capacities for their application are being introduced, new technological solutions for improving wind turbines are being sought, which determines the success of the project for the proposed Wind Power Station. With the development of the project and obtaining objective indicators of the technical solution, the audience of interested persons and companies in the implementation of the project will increase, including the project will not be left without attention from state bodies that can accelerate the process of development and use of the Wind Power Station. The proposed technical solution embodies ideas that have a rational basis and the possibility of practical application. The urgency of the problem of electrical supply is important both at home and abroad, and in the medium term will only worsen.The Wind Power Station is to some extent a solution to the problem of energy crisis. Therefore, the project is to be implemented for industrial use to overcome the challenges of our time.

  • Is it a Scam?

  • Why does Denis need a controlling stake?

  • What is the patent name of this invention?

  • Maybe it was worth registering a company in another country?

  • One of the first to buy and use this technology will be China, they are building entire cities and begin to think about saving energy.

  • What is the cost of such a skyscraper, compared to "an ordinary"?

  • What will happen if you are offered a lot of money for the project?

    The question is somewhat ill posed. The commercial meaning of the project is to create the conditions and activities of the company for research, design of the invention, as well as through the activities of other persons, including legal (companies), the manufacture of the product and its industrial use. Interest in the project and interest in its implementation will determine the progressive development of the project, the growth of investments and revenues of the company, and this will entail a reduction in time for its implementation. Also one of the directions of commercial activity of the company provides for the sale of licenses for the use of the invention "Wind Power Station".When granting a certain amount of rights to use this invention, a remuneration is provided to the person who granted such rights. In this case, the remuneration may be one-time, systematic or combined depending on the scope of the rights granted and the purpose of their use. Here, part of the remuneration is provided for the author of the invention, who has exclusive rights to the invention as a result of intellectual activity.

  • Will there be big presentations of this project?

  • How to withdraw earned money?

  • Will there be a future purchase of shares in installments or on credit?

  • Will open access be created to view the referral structure?

  • Where can I get information about vacancies and recruitment to the team of this project?

  • How much does it cost to register shares in VTB registration?

  • After the purchase of shares, after what period of time the manager will contact me to conclude the contract?

  • What would happen if the world government banned the construction of these houses, as it banned the production of cars that drive on the water?

  • Will there be a promotion for friends in the new project?

  • Is it possible to hold presentations by invitation from other cities?

  • What payment methods are available and what will be?

  • What will happen if the government arranges information harassment of the project?

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